THE LOOM OF RUIN, a novel by Sam McPheeters


Paperback Edition, 265 pages
Publisher: Mugger Books; 1st edition (April 1, 2012)

"Trang Yang is an angry, angry, angry man, neurologically incapable of any emotion but rage. He's also L.A.'s most successful gas station franchise owner. But no one can quite seem to figure out what makes him tick. Not the LAPD, who have long since granted him full immunity. Not his boss, who scrutinizes him with covert psychologists. Not the corporate spies who infiltrate his stations. And certainly not the encroaching FBI, who know only that Trang is involved in something big and dangerous and that time is running out."

"Disturbingly entertaining" - Philadelphia Weekly

"Exquisitely detailed, dark and humorous Los Angeles fiction about the angriest man in the world." - San Francisco Bay Guardian

"His tone is about 60 percent deadpan, 40 percent dead serious -- which is approximately the ratio that makes his new novel, 'Loom of Ruin,' so funny." - The Washington Post

"It's packed with so much action, violence and black comedy you'll swear you stumbled into a movie written by Kurt Vonnegut" - LA Weekly

"In the universe of The Loom of Ruin, human society has become a malevolent machine that's not just indifferent to our happiness but actively working to prevent it, as though it had not only become somehow sentient but also discovered that it hated us." - Chicago Reader

Sam McPheeters was born in Lorain, Ohio in 1969. He is the former lead singer of Born Against, Men's Recovery Project, and Wrangler Brutes, and the founder of Vermiform Records. His columns, essays, profiles, and short stories have appeared in The American Prospect, Chicago Reader, OC Weekly, Punk Planet, The Stranger, Vice, and The Village Voice. He lives in Pomona, CA with his wife. The Loom Of Ruin is his first published novel.