Image of U.S. STEEL CELLO ENSEMBLE ‎– Bitter Suites LP


Out-of-print edition on Holidays Records of the Bitter Suites album, originally released on Bob Rutman's Rutdog Records, made out of two live performances of the U.S. Steel Cello Ensemble recorded in 1979: at The Showing Room in NYC and at Helen Shlien Gallery in Boston.

The Ensemble performs playing large sheets of metal and producing amazingly droning sounds. These live recordings are the result of an evolutionary refinement of instrumental design and playing techniques which Robert Rutman explored and developed after a ten year period of practice. He invented the two only instruments played by the Steel Cello Ensemble: the Bow Chime, a six foot sheet of steel formed into a horizontal curve with an iron bar attached to the top corners of the metal sheet, and the Single String Steel Cello, an eight foot sheet suspended vertically from a stand.

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